Welcome to 2018-2019

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to a great start of the 2018-2019 school year. This promises to be my best year at Ville de Marie Academy because of the people that I work with and the families that we serve. Last year, I was learning everyone’s name and getting used to the routines and traditions of the school. This year, I feel more planned and organized and more a part of the community. Even though this is such a busy time of the year and families are trying to become adjusted to the school routine, I feel much more at home and at peace.

The summer was great and taught me not to take for granted all of the opportunities that God provides for us during the school year. I am sure that most people welcome the summer as a time to relax, increase in leisure, and sleep in but probably spend less time in the presence of our Lord. My prayer life definitely decreased over the summer because Ville de Marie Academy is almost a constant prayer throughout the day and I did not practice that during the summer.

The wonderful teachers returned on August first and began working hard to prepare for the upcoming year, but by August 20th they were ready to view the younger faces that make this place a true family culture. We have two new teachers in the upper school and one new staff in the office to help bring different perspectives to the table. We also have ten new families added to the school this year. After speaking to many of the people that have been here for many years and remember when the school had less than eighty students, I reflected on how hard it is to provide the family atmosphere for which we are so well known for. This is one of my areas to focus this year – to bring back that intimacy so all families feel at home. I have noticed more and more that many of the families that attend this school know each other and spend much out-of-school time together. How can we foster this even more?

There are a few announcements to make at the beginning of the year so that parents understand the importance of this special tradition.

  • GET INVOLVED especially if you are a new parent so the more experienced parents don’t do it all.
  • Know your child’s teacher well and try to come to their aid as much as possible to help them.
  • Pray for the school and all of the people that are part of this wonderful place. A community that prays together – stays together.
  • Come meet the teachers on September 6th and the other families that attend (especially the parents of students in your children’s class.

Ville de Marie will assist the parents in their role as the primary educators of their children in faith and morals by getting them to the sacraments as much as possible and teaching them how to have a personal relationship with Christ. Parents will assist the school by becoming a more active stake-holder and providing time and input to the operations of the school. It is a joy to welcome all the families in the morning. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Daniel Ethridge
Headmaster, Ville de Marie Academy