Juvenal, Satire X.356
Since man is soul and body, a complete education requires a proper balance of development between these two essential parts. This balance requires that the body, as well as the mind and spirit, be nurtured. Sports and recreation are crucial aspects of the formation and development of young people. Athletics is a means of using and developing the body that also frees the soul to perform all of its functions better.

Playing sport has become very important today, since it can encourage young people to develop important values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, sharing and solidarity.

Pope St. John Paul II
Athletics teach the student to respect the body as something noble and good since it is a God-given gift and temple of the Holy Spirit. Sports activities, done in common and in a spirit of charity, allow for the development of the qualities necessary for adulthood and true social friendship. Also, participation in disciplined, ordered activity allows the student to learn the importance of rules and regulations in all areas of life.
The Liberal Arts
  • P.E. classes are required for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.
  • We offer competitive athletics in Girls & Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, and Girls Volleyball.
  • Junior high and high school students have won three state titles in the last two years.
  • High school students take P.E. once a week to keep the body active.
Athletics are available all year at Ville de Marie Academy. They include:
  • High School Volleyball
  • High School Soccer
  • Junior High School Football
  • Junior High School Volleyball
  • High School Boys Basketball
  • High School Girls Basketball
  • Junior High School Boys Basketball
  • High School Co-ed Track
  • High School Boys Golf
  • Junior High School Track
  • Junior High School Golf

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